Cinnamon 3.4 released!
by clem 42

You probably saw the tags on github already. I’m happy to make it official and to announce the release of Cinnamon 3.4.

I’d like to thank all the developers and designers who worked not only on Cinnamon 3.4, but in the redesign of the Spices website and the maintenance of the Cinnamon Spices themselves.

Here are the most notable highlights of this release:

  • Support for mozjs38 (CJS 3.4 uses mozjs38, CJS 3.2 uses mozjs24, Cinnamon 3.4 is compatible with either CJS 3.4 or CJS 3.2)
  • Support for additional Wacom devices (in particular, devices with no erasers or with only one button)
  • Multi-process Settings Daemon (each plugin now runs in its own separate process)
  • Cleaner session EXIT phase (this phase used to timeout after 1 seconds, it is now immediate)
  • Desktop grid
  • Separate processes for Nemo and the desktop handling
  • Simpler date formats for last-modified column in list-view
  • Wildcard support in file searches
  • Desktop actions in panel launcher
  • Ala Firefox support for middle-click and Ctrl key in Nemo navigation buttons to open new tabs
  • Theming engine improvements for systray and margins
  • Additional configuration options for the screensaver
  • New list widget for spices settings
  • More information shown in spices about dialogs
  • Support for lightdm-settings and manage-systemd-units in System Settings
  • File manager (inode/directory MIME handler) selection in Favorite Applications
  • Better support for the configuration of mice acceleration and sensitivity

Cinnamon 3.4 also features a ton of fixes and refinements.

On the spices side of things, the maintenance was moved to Github and the Cinnamon team is now actively involved in the debugging of applets, desklets, extensions and themes. Support for Cinnamon 3.4 changes is added by the team itself.

We now also benefit from a brand new spices website, with support for Oauth (Google, Facebook, Github authentication), and direct integration between our Spices Github repositories and your Cinnamon desktop:

I hope you’ll enjoy this new version of the Cinnamon desktop.

42 thoughts on “Cinnamon 3.4 released!

  1. morph027 May 8,2017 15:34

    Just came in via embrosyn’s PPA. Thank you and keep on the good work!

  2. mark May 8,2017 16:34

    how does one upgrade from cinnamon 13.2 to 13.4 on mint 18.1?

    I am hoping the fixes to Nemo and also a better desktop grid will bring a smile to my face!

    • clem May 8,2017 18:50

      Hi Mark,

      It will be part of the Mint 18.2 upgrade.

      • Mikeyy May 9,2017 06:03

        Hi clem,
        Why doesn’t cinnamon get upgrades like any other app so we don’t have to jump mint versions just to get new cinnamon?


        • clem May 9,2017 11:02

          Well they’re all frozen for stability reasons. For instance you’re still running the 1.2 xapps right now, and you’ll get the 1.4 ones when you upgrade to Mint 18.2. The reason we do that is so RC users and users or rolling/bleeding-edge distributions find the bugs so you don’t have to be exposed to them. It also gives you an opt-in, because you don’t have to upgrade to the next Mint point release and you can do so at your convenience.

          One additional thing to consider is that we always try to leave a gap between the release of Cinnamon and the release of Linux Mint. In fact, Cinnamon’s release cycle is synced on Mint’s, so that it is released several weeks before and gets a chance to mature before it gets into Mint. All new software introduces regressions. We’ve got brilliant developers, but like everyone else, we do break things by mistake now and then and we don’t always see them before people bump into them. We get reports from early adopters, then a lot of reports from Mint BETA/RC releases, and by the time we’re working on Mint stable, we’ve usually a really mature Cinnamon in our hands.

          • seatex May 13,2017 16:58

            So, why not make Cinnamon 3.4 available in the Romeo repository, for those of us who wish to start testing it on 18.1?

      • Alex May 9,2017 09:03

        What if we don’t want to wait for the 18.2 upgrade?

  3. corpsee May 9,2017 02:20

    Thank you for desktop grid!

  4. Patrick May 9,2017 05:03

    Thank you!
    What about Wayland support?

    • Baptiste May 10,2017 16:22

      This brings many questions :

      – are there any hint about Ubuntu 18.04 supporting Wayland? (a possibility, as they basically switch to Gnome 3 for the main edition)
      – which version of GTK 3 will Ubuntu 18.04 use? (and thus, Linux Mint 19)
      – are Mate developers, Xfce developers doing some planning already, what about xapps?
      – will the people above develop some common guidelines to smooth out possible points of contention like copy/paste, middle click paste, window decorations, drag and drop, system tray (I don’t know), and even remote use of single apps?
      – are there discussions with the Ubuntu project and Canonical? Is Red Hat/Gnome evil or will they be good hearted and cooperating, with GTK3 on the uptick for non-Gnome environments and applications (including e.g. Firefox and music players) as well as Gnome?

      – another different issue is adoption by AMD and nvidia (ideally having something good ready for Ubuntu 18.04’s default kernel)

      And that’s simply what I’m wondering about as an outsider. It would be interesting if there are news, informations, mailing list posts.
      We could also see something like Wayland support experimental in Ubuntu 18.04.0, default or supported in 18.04.2, or likewise more support in Mint 19.1 or 19.2 than in Mint 19 (I’m not speaking for anyone).

      Long road ahead for many people.

  5. pereka May 9,2017 12:11

    Well, a very modest batch of new features. Congratulations anyway.

  6. magni May 9,2017 13:45

    Thank you mint team for this new release!
    I have a lot of questions regarding the new release but I will resume only to 3.
    1) In this new release will we see the new enhanced main menu?
    2) Are the calendar events implemented?
    3) Cinnamon 3.4 it is available in romeo for testing?

  7. magni May 9,2017 14:00

    I will realy like to hear more about wayland implementation. I assume the work will start based on ubuntu 18.04 packages.
    For gnome it took a long time to do this transition and KDE still working. Do you foreseen the same effort for Cinnamon? As far as I know wayland promises to bring a better support for multiscreen enhanced security and get rid of the X screen flickering.
    If there are any plans please share them with us :)

    Thank you!

  8. Christopher May 9,2017 14:55

    I agree. Wayland? Mir is dead, long live Wayland!

  9. NJ May 9,2017 20:50

    Dear Clem

    Surely announcements such as this one should be clear and explicit about availability. For, evidently enough – no? – people should not have to scroll through the comments in order to determine such things.

    PS: The box into which I type this has buttons for italic, bold, etc. – but when I try to submit a post that uses those features, I receive an error message.

  10. Crewp May 9,2017 21:46

    Will we see Cinnamon 3.4 in LMDE2 ?

  11. OMarG May 9,2017 23:34

    Can you please fix (or add) the ability to have “compact view” look like previous versions of cinnamon. I miss being able to see columns of documents.

  12. Hari May 9,2017 23:57

    Hi Clem,

    I’m using the “not yet released” Sonya and found it very nice. Few days ago after upgrading to lightdm and cinnamon 3.4, most of my applets were crashed. But, today they all updated and work like a charm again. All my thumbs to you and your team.
    BTW, i think lightdm is slower than mdm to fully load cinnamon desktop. I hope it can be improved.

    Thanks for all of your great works!!

  13. GarciaPA May 10,2017 02:43

    I agree, but I believe you’re referring to Nemo, not Cinnamon. Definitely I miss the compact view of previous versions of Nemo. Currently running 3.4.1.

    Is there any way to display the the old compact view in the current version of Nemo?

  14. Anand May 10,2017 03:26

    Hi Clem,

    Can’t wait to test it. Any pics or videos of the desktop grid?

    – Anand

  15. magni May 10,2017 05:41

    I compile it from git and when I install it “libcjs0f” was removed and replaced by “libcjs0e”. I fixed the issue inside the source cinnamon/debian/control by changing the line “libcjs0e (>= 3.2.0)” with “libcjs0f (>= 3.2.0)” recompile it and the dependency issue was solved. (I am on LM18.1 Cinnamon)
    Until now I did not find any major bug.

    The only issue I found in Nemo 3.4.1 is when I am mounting NFS from my NAS that is much slower. It used to be instantaneous.

  16. Vincent May 10,2017 11:43

    “Will we see Cinnamon 3.4 in LMDE2 ?”


    same question !

  17. ehtron May 10,2017 13:32

    Hi :)
    have update in my vbox 18.1 cinnamon 32bit via source change to sonya.
    works proper on the first look. good job :)

    two little problems.
    1. my onwn applet fork systemmonitor applet dont start on cinnamon start

    error t=2017-05-10T15:16:30Z Could not locate glibtop_init_s: ‘glibtop_init_s’: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: glibtop_init_s
    error t=2017-05-10T15:16:30Z [Applet “ES-sysmonitor@orcus”]: Failed to load applet: ES-sysmonitor@orcus/27
    error t=2017-05-10T15:16:30Z Could not load applet ES-sysmonitor@orcus

    remove the applet via applet manager and add new… its work

    info t=2017-05-10T15:17:13Z Loaded applet ES-sysmonitor@orcus in 72 ms

    seems there is a timing problem.

    2. only cosmetic ;) the icon grid on the desktop is a little bit rough.
    panel on the upper screen side, the upper icon space is to small..

    thanks for your good job.

    regards ehtron.

  18. Christoph May 10,2017 14:07

    Thanks for the release.
    I have upgraded to the current version from embrosyn on Ubuntu 17.04 and I have noticed two things that bug me. Note: I upgraded first from Ubuntu 16.10 to 17.04. After the upgrade everything worked as before with Cinnamon 3.2. So I guess the issues are 3.4 related.

    1) The icons on the desktop have no text anymore. Previously the name of the item was shown below the icon. Now, I just see the icon, but no text below it.

    2) Previously, when I switched workspaces with left/right keys, the id of the workspace (1,2,3,4) was shown for a moment on the screen. It doesn’t do that anymore.

    Are there some settings I can check?

    • JosephM May 11,2017 10:29

      For 2) in System settings->Workspaces there is a setting for the enabling/disabling that osd. Make sure it is on. If you’ve changed themes, maybe try another one.

      • Christoph May 11,2017 15:35

        It’s enabled. So that’s not it. Well, not a big deal anyway.

        I found the cause for the more annoying problem with the missing icon texts on the desktop. There was no font configured for the desktop. After setting one in the fonts dialog the labels have returned.

        Not sure, why this setting vanished (maybe the name of the setting was changed 3.2 -> 3.4 ?)

  19. magni May 10,2017 17:44

    Bugs: nemo 3.4.1 + nemo-terminal 3.4.0

    In nemo mount a partition, press F4 to open nemo-terminal, press F4 to close it:

    issue 1: it’s closing only if nemo-terminal is not active (so click outside of terminal, then press F4 for closing)
    issue 2: after closing nemo-terminal cannot unmout the partition, because is still used by nemo-terminal

    If I mount more NFS shares (with a script) in nemo 3.4.1 the mounting process is slow ~5 seconds per mount.
    In nemo 3.2 all my NFS shares (7) where mounted is less than 1 second.

  20. bala May 11,2017 12:47

    hi Clem

    any plans of including “night light” feature @ cinnamon ?

  21. Wolf May 11,2017 13:55

    What is the “manage-systemd-units”? I hope it’s not the old, unmaintained systemadm…

  22. GarciaPA May 11,2017 16:34

    One more thing Clem,

    On Cinnamon 3.4, when I drag and move a file from one folder to another, instead of moving it creates a copy, so now the file exists in two folders. Is there a setting I need to change so when I drag a file/folder to another place it doesn’t just create a copy in the new location?

  23. magni May 12,2017 12:40

    Is the early adopters feedback of any help?

    Regarding Cinnamon 3.4 release my impresion until now is that is a Cinnamon 3.2 + gird desktop. A big thank you for the gird desktop feature!
    I know that a lot happen under the hood but mainly the changes purpose is debuguging.
    Will we see on Cinnamon 3.6 more features? There are planty of ideas out there.
    Please don’t take my feeback as a irelevant critic, but instead as a constructive one.
    Would it be possible before the next release to create a Doodle where the users can vote for features?
    Any feedback will be much apreaciated.

    Thank you for the effort put it in this release!

    • JosephM May 12,2017 18:43

      We use github for bug reports and feature requests. If you have feature requests, that’s the place to open them. Just try to put them on the appropriate cinnamon or nemo repo.

  24. C May 15,2017 12:34

    Thank you all for the hard work and time invested in Cinnamon.
    It’s a joy to use.

  25. Santa_Fe May 18,2017 00:27

    Just upgraded from Cinnamon 3.2.7 running in Ubuntu-MATE 17.04 to Cinnamon 3.4.0. Everything is good except (You just KNEW there was gonna be an except) right clicking the desktop does nothing. Makes using desklets kind of fun, you can’t right click & config, nor move them around. If I purge the embrosyn’s PPA and return to 3.2.7 it works correctly. And one other thing, if you click on Preferred Applications, the option for File Manager is set to Caja (from the MATE DE) and while I can pick Nemo, it doesn’t stay picked, as the next time I enter it, it’s back to Caja again.

    But other than that, am liking it a LOT! Thanks for the nifty upgrade & hope this is just a bug.

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